We provide assessment of your IT infrastructure. Assessment service helps organizations better understand the current state of their IT infrastructure (Compute Clients/Servers, Storage, Networks, Security devices) overall performance, utilization, capacity planning, scalability, virtualization consolidation, disaster recovery. You can then evaluate the existing risks and our proposed recommendations for deployment or migration.

We can help you architect, build, manage, scale, optimize your IT infrastructure. This includes SLA-driven Support, Monitoring, Log Management, Audit Management, Security Management, Disaster Recovery, Backup / Restore etc.

IT Infrastructure and applications being the backbone of business, We provide proactive and cost-effective solution like monitoring to ensure it’s 24×7 high availability. We ensure that our client’s IT infrastructure is running smoothly, so that they can worry less about IT and focus on their core business.
Small and medium enterprises can outsource their System Administration and IT Operations to us.

With a combination of onsite support and remote monitoring we can manage a wide range of IT infrastructure products including compute, network, storage, security devices and application software regardless of geographical location.

Monitoring enhances uptime and accelerate fault detection. Thresholds and triggers are customized for your specific use cases, scaling points.