With our Managed Services, your IT infrastructure is set to optimum level.
The ongoing optimization of system configuration, performance fine tuning, capacity planning help’s maximize ROI and minimize TCO.
Timely Incident management, Problem management, backup and DR, infrastructure and data security, IT asset maintenance.

Our 9×5 or 24×7 Managed Services include:
– Incident management
– Change management
– Problem management

Managed services significantly minimizes unexpected downtime, thanks to proactive monitoring and IT support. With managed services you can assign us the day to day IT Operations responsibilities that includes System Administration, Deployment, Monitoring, Maintenance, Disaster Recovery/ Business Continuity, Fault Management(Log, Audit) & Security Management, Performance Management, Network Management, User Management, Systems Management,Virtualization etc.

Network Management System (NMS)
– Collecting Network Resources information
– Analysis and Prediction
– Initial Network Planning (Parent, child dependencies)
– Setup performance metrics/thresholds for Application Specific Monitoring
– Setup performance metrics/thresholds for Resources(CPU, RAM, Disk IO) Availability, Utilization
– Log, Audit Management
– Bandwidth Management
Managed Security Services
– Network Audit, Security Audit, Penetration test
– Firewall Configuration
– Content Filtering
– SSL certificate implementation
– Access Control List of files
– Authentication
– Linux OS Patching
– Windows OS Patching
– Server Hardening
– VLAN Configuration
– VPN’s – IPSEC and SSL
– Encrypted File System
– Secured file transfer
– Single Sign On
– Network and Host based IDS services
– Implementation & Ongoing Onsite Support
Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
– VM Image
– File level backup
– Cloning
– Scheduled / Automated
– Snapshot Management
– Database Master / Slave replication
– DNS Failover
– Recovery Drills
– Log, Audit Management
– Log file rotation
– Log backup
– Integration with 3rd party logging services
Server Management
– Enterprise Mail Server
Virtualization Cloud Services
Distributed/Replicated Storage
Load Balancing Services
Configuration Management
Migration Services